Powering Customized Online Commerce and Manufacturing 

Powering Customized Online Commerce and Manufacturing 




Built for speed, scale and flexibility, the Safyre platform delivers a complete end to end online solution for selling and producing personalized, customized and made to order products.


The Opportunity


Online commerce has the potential to offer consumers more choice, a better shopping experience, product customization, personalization, lower prices, rapid delivery and superior customer service. Existing retailers and new digitally native brands need to adapt to the new demands and reality of today’s consumer or face extinction. 

The Challenge

User Experience

Shoppers expect a frictionless and immersive cross platform experience.  In today’s global market consumers are located in multiple countries and use different languages and currencies. 

Just In Time Commerce

Online consumers expect to receive the items they purchase within a few days. Personalized items need to be rapidly manufactured and shipped. Custom manufacturing becomes increasingly complex as the daily volumes and variance in product design and customization options increases.


Custom and Just In Time manufacturing require management of inventory, packaging and raw materials along with dynamic shipping and fulfillment.

Product Personalization

Product personalization or customization is the holy grail of retail. Consumers demand to get exactly what they want and made just for them. The personalization experience has to be interactive giving the consumer accurate and instant visual feedback. 

International Support

Support for multi-country e-commerce requires integration with multiple shipping carriers, customs authorities, regulatory bodies and payment processors



Utilizing industry-leading technologies, Safyre Commerce Platform is built for speed, scalability, security and reliability.



"The ultimate challenge is to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Selling custom or personalized products is infinitely more complex than drop shipping, yet provides more differentiation and a superior customer experience. It only makes sense to the consumer if they can get a quality product at a great price in a timely manner."

Daniel Stoppel, CEO

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